1 – Tell us about yourself.

My Name is Elanza Prinsloo, I was born in Kempton Park, a town just outside the greater Johannesburg, the daughter of Johan and Daleen Nortjie. I have 2 siblings, Jean-Pierre my elder brother 3 years older than me and my twin sister, Wanique.

Since a very young age in my life I realized how much I would like to follow my career in modelling. At the age of 17, I joined Chrome model school and completed my course successfully at the end of October 2014. I love being photographed and feel at my best in front of the camera. With both my feet firmly on the ground I will always be humble before God as my maker and never look down on His creation.

During my graduation from modelling in October 2014, I was noticed by South African movie Director Renaldo Emile Kell, who offered me a great opportunity in his movie, Bush Knife: The Rise. 1st November 2014 was the first for me on the set, though I was very nervous it was a great experience.


2- Who has influenced you most in your life? Why?

My husband Wynand Prinsloo, is definitely the biggest influence in my life, as when I was broken and down, he believed in me and started to support me unconditionally to his full capacity. He always was my role model to whom I looked up to, with a great spirit and integrity. We now enjoy not only the beauty of best friends, but also sharing our vows in a love fulfilled marriage.


3- Tell us about a life-changing moment for you.

My life turned into a real mess when I become a teenager. I could not talk about myself as somebody special or could not see where I was going with my life. I was such a rebel and just didn’t want to be with my parents anymore. During that time I left home then ran off with my boyfriend, Jaco. On the 4th of January 2013 I got engaged with Jaco. To me it was what I wanted. For the first time I felt free and had the time of my life. Jaco and I joined Chrome model school in March 2013. On the 10th of October 2013, I realized how things can change in one day. That morning the day was planned differently, but my life scattered like a jar when Jaco my fiancé died in front of me after a severe asthma attack. In one moment I realised how messed up everything became when you’re building your life on sinking sand. I fell down on my knees, looked up to God where He was not looking at my faults, but saw my needs. That was the time when I stood up and faced the world with different eyes, sometimes filled with tears, but realizing the value of love, time and life. Since then I made God my Best Friend and never want to leave His side ever again.


4- What is your top three favorite book and why?

If this question was post to me 3 years ago, it would have been a different answer. But I can say for certain that the best books in life that I could ever read were and are:

  • The Bible: Gave me hope when all was gone, Inspiration when I felt tired and strength to get up when I was down. I believe in something greater than this world, beyond what the eye can meet. Many people says there is no God, I’ll never try to convince them as only they that will seek God will find Him and experience Him.
  • Walk to Remember: This was an amazing story about a girl that had terminal cancer. Nobody knew accept for her and her father. She knew that her work on earth was limited to time, yet she never let go her values. Through her ways and true believes she touched lives of so many others till her life became the testimony of a walk with God.
  • Courageous: This book was very touching and somehow applicable to my life. A Family that went through a crisis after the family lost a precious daughter. The Dad did soul surfing till he got to the point that he realize there is more that he needs to do from his side and to gain the favor of God. He drew up a resolution where he promised God to follow Him in His ways. This was so great for me that I also wanted to do a resolution before God. I was granted the wonderful opportunity in November 2014 one morning in church to stand up sign my Resolution.


5- What is your favorite food?

Wow – I love food lol. If you really want to spoil me, then seafood is definitely the right choice. In general I’m not very fuzzy on food. Love sweets as much as a romantic barbecue. :)


6- What is your current status in life?

Well year 2016 was marked as a very busy year for me, maybe a slight change of direction. The year started off with great momentum when I enrolled in the College to do my hair salon studies. With hard work I thought my theory is now a tick in the box, but sadly had to found out that my Instructor, Danielle Scholtz with whom I joint partnership in the salon business, never had a valid qualification herself so I was defraud of my studies and money paid therefore. My husband provide us a space where we can comfortably help clients with their beauty needs.

This brought new challenges for 2017. I enrolled again in Complete school of Hairdressing 2017 with all hope to success on this 3 year journey.


7- A message for your fans.

Guys a few of my values that I would like to share with you:

  • You live only once and not every one of us have the same opportunities, but everybody alive was given the opportunity to live. Live it well as you only live once, try what you want and hold on to the good.
  • Don’t judge anyone by what you can see, most of the time you will see masks. Let your beauty be from inside as it is the beauty that will last for ever.
  • If something is worth fighting for, it is worth keeping. Don’t let your success change who or what you are.
  • See the beauty in other as you would like them to see it in you.
  • Appreciate the people in your life as God handpicked them for you, so make them complete by generating the best for them.
  • Never stop loving unconditionally as it is the only thing worth living and dying for.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone that supports me and helps me feeling at my best.

Love you all my Friends